We want to be frontrunners for the green transition

At Herning Blue Fox we chose to actively work with sustainability because we take our sustainable responsibilities seriously. As a company and cultural institution, we have an important role in disseminating sustainable initiatives and develop our business towards a more sustainable agenda. By handling our business areas sustainably, we secure the future for Blue Fox as a responsible and proactive hockey club. We show initiative by being first-movers while preparing for the requirements the stakeholders will set within sustainability - now and in the future.

We as a sports club want to motivate fans and sponsors to act in the green transition as well as we are delivering professional hockey on top-level. The project “Blue goes Green” is therefore an important expansion of our core activities that sets Herning Blue Fox as absolute front-runners within sustainable sports.

In 2018 Kvik Hockey Arena underwent large-scale restorations for about DKK 55 mio. and thereby started to focus on energy optimization. We continuously feel obliged to actively examine potentials for even more actions that points towards sustainability. Therefore, our actions and focus are aimed towards even more initiatives that benefit our transition.

We initiated four strong areas that in the future will result in even more actions. We are thinking in grand scale and as economies and resources develop, more layers of sustainability will be added to our business. Read much more about Blue goes Green in our magazine below. Here you can also "dive" into our thoughts on the 4 focal areas.